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    • I hereby consent to the personal information provided by me to be used for delivery of services offered by Geneway

    • It is my legal obligation to provide correct information in the contracting with Geneway and where such information has been changed,

    • I am obliged to inform Geneway accordingly

    • I am aware that I can unsubscribe to any newsletters, campaigns, communications from Geneway by notifying them accordingly

    • It is my right to request Geneway to delete and cease to use any of my personal information subject to any legal obligation on Geneway’s side to keep same.

    • There is a legal obligation for Geneway to retain your information for 5-years from date of contracting, whereafter it will be destroyed in a POPIA compliant manner.

    • Should I believe that there has been a misuse of my personal information, I am aware that I can lodge a complaint with Geneway and / or the Information Regulator at

    I hereby acknowledge that I understand and agree to the above-mentioned statements.